Nibble #6

Nibble #6

Back to Monoliths, the MOAT memes, Hello Mojo!, Wallace Line, Fake traps on Maps, Shape-E, Reflect, Zuck winning Jiu-Jitsu Medals, make GPT a TLD?

May 7, 2023ยท

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๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป Namaste!
Welcome to the #6 edition of Nibble.

The new Nibbles are now moved to

We tweaked the banner a bit to make 1001 it more visible and also, and the 0s were not nerdy enough, so now they are. ๐Ÿฅ‚

In our defense, this was a busy and lazy weekend, plus had the content of two Nibbles ready, so might publish the next earlier than expected.

Don't let your Monday blues get in the way of reading this completely. (remember "pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional")

News ๐Ÿ—ž๏ธ

  • Microsoft announced Clarity for Mobile apps (It's like LogRocket but for Mobile apps, if you think about it carefully, MS might capture your development stack soon)

  • Vercel announced Storages, they are offering serverless Redis, Postgres, and blob storage (S3-like) (honestly, what a time to play this masterstroke, when Server Components are the center of buzz and Vercel leading the market of SSR, the only thing one needed was a hosted DB from somewhere else)

    And guess what, they also have templates to use their DB for some use cases, for example, if you want to use Vercel PG as Vector DB, you can just one click deploy it using this template postgres-pgvector.

  • ๐Ÿ˜ณ Geoffery Hinton, the Godfather of AI, left Google after a decade & spoke out about the risks that advancements in AI bring in. [Article] (the news was all over the place all week, and people are now really afraid as one of the smartest people who made Neural Networks possible is afraid.)

  • ๐Ÿ’” Google said they won't share the advancements in AI with the public anymore. [Full Article] (uf! Someone got hurt with the ChatGPT going live, but Google was the reason behind the genesis of Transformers, so overall bad for us.)

  • ๐Ÿ“‰ Oh! On that note, Chegg got hurt badly with the rise of ChatGPT, but they have been trying to recover, by making the biggest enemy their friend. They announced CheggMate, GPT-4 powered solution so to help you cheat on homework.

  • Amazon Prime Video published a blog post, telling the world how they reduced the costs by 90% by moving from "microservices" to "monolith" architecture. As soon as the post dropped, everyone had a take on it, here are a few of the good ones.
    - Even Amazon can't make sense of Microservices by DHH
    - Serverless is a lie by Fireship
    (this could have been another "tab vs spaces" war, but this involves real money, so the only thing left to see is if organizations force their engineers to take out some bandwidth to move out of Microservices architecture if they can)

  • Modular announced Mojo, a programming language that looks like Python and feels like C (yes, blazing-fuckin-ly fast). It is specifically built for developing more performant AI models. (I got the early playground access, but haven't played yet. Reminds me of the Gym membership I got last year ๐Ÿซ )

  • Some insider from Google leaked a document stating "We don't have a MOAT, neither does OpenAI" (it's been 4 days full of MOAT meme posting, if you are unaware about this, go click on the article link, also the GIGA chads in the industry met the POTUS)

Wild World & Web ๐Ÿซ 

  • You might know "เคฒเค•เฅเคทเฅเคฎเคฃ เคฐเฅ‡เค–เคพ", but have you ever heard of the "Wallace Line"?
    \=> There is a 32 km stretch of water between Bali and Lombok Islands, which is indeed keeping the "worlds apart". The line is called Wallace Line. It is an imaginary line, on either side of which there is no similarity in bio-diversity and it is like an invisible barrier for animals and no one has ever crossed the line (except for humans ofc) [Full Video by PBS Eon]

  • Mark Zuckerberg Wins Gold And Silver Medals In His First Jiu-Jitsu Tournament (yes, the same guy, who testified like an LLM in front of Congress. For some reason, it's been a thing now, Tech Bros are going deep into fitness to name a few Sam Altman, reportedly deadlifts, Zuck is winning medals in Jiu-Jitsu, Bezos has been buffed up for a long time now & Divyesh Puri has been a health and fitness enthusiast too)

Catch up ๐Ÿค“

  • ๐Ÿ™€ AutoGPT UI is coming - [Join Waitlist] (as long as you have enough money in savings, feel free to connect your OpenAI account to it)

  • ๐Ÿ”ฅ Move your servers to the "Edge" using Hono, an ultrafast web framework for the Edge.

  • You knew Whisper by OpenAI now meet Whisper JAX, the fastest Whipser model out there, 70x faster than the others. (this brings me to the point, is there someone who has already built the Movie Audio to SRT file thing?)

  • Inflection AI release its own Chatbot called Pi. They say that it's smart & supportive and you can talk out personal stuff with it.
    (The team behind Inflection has the industryโ€™s top AI experts who previously worked at DeepMind, Google, OpenAI, and Meta. I tried to use the product, personally, it's doing good for early access)


TILs ๐Ÿคฏ

  • You might have used the "sweating guy" meme, but do you know where it originated? [Key & Peele Clip]

  • ๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ Have you ever come across maps that have some places that don't exist?
    Well, the detailed maps of the cities have such places and they make up some random places or random names so that they can later check if someone plagiarised their maps.
    You can watch the detailed video.

  • WhatsApp Web has this cool option to blur the part of images, which you paste into it. (it's been there for a while, but I never noticed it seems, and the answer to the msg in the screenshot is "NO" ofc.)

New in town ๐Ÿ‘€

  • Query Kitty - ChatGPT for the Impatient ones (press the Ctrl+Right Arrow key anywhere and use the text prefixing it as prompt)

  • Hackercast - An AI-generated podcast summary of Hacker News (because why let folks like me read it from there and give you fine-grained content, instead go listen to 1-hour bot-generated podcasts)

  • Unitary - AI-powered video content moderation

  • Landing AI - Now make kinda beautiful landing pages with just a prompt. (RIP ๐Ÿชฆ Bootstrap template sellers)

Recommendations ๐Ÿ’ซ

  • Reflect - An alternative to Obsidian with appealing UX (at least on the landing page, from the first looks it feels like Linux:MacOS :: Obsidian:Reflect, but don't take my word for it, yet, go try it.)

  • Communication is hard, and it has become harder with the ever-evolving and remote job world. Here is one of many rules that I follow, it's "Don't ask to ask, just ask" (also, always remember over-communicating professionally is okay, then under-communicating)

  • RegexGPT - yet another tool for building out Regexes from plain text. (I personally think we get it, LLMs can write better Regex than humans, and let's not make more such tools please?)

  • JamGPT - the Chrome Extension that allowed you to easily report bugs, now announced AI-powered bug solver (screaming intensifies as I feel attacked with this one personally.)

Cool OSS Projects ๐ŸคŒ๐Ÿป

  • alright-react-app - Tired of setting up React apps all by yourselves?
    This CLI tool bootstraps the app with an exposed, unopinionated, high-perf config. w/ Jest, SWC, Storybook, TS5 & Webpack 5

  • Internet in a box - It is a self-contained, offline version of the internet, with a lot of selected data in it, and it comes packed in a Raspberry Pi, which can be used as a hotspot to share access to these resources (if you remember Microsoft Encarta ๐Ÿฅน, this is like 2023 version of that, with more data and better ways to share that and yes, FREE!)

  • jsnes - A NES Games emulator is written in JS. (Atwood's Law in action)

  • shape-e - Generate 3D objects conditioned on text or images (It's like Dall-E but for 3D figures, and from the same org OpenAI)

  • AutoPR - a GitHub Action that autonomously writes a pull request in response to an issue! (yes, it's time to pack bags and learn to farm!)

Meme of the week

Ponder worthy words

"Analysts are poorer forecasters than dart-throwing monkeys."
~ Prof. Philip Tetlock (he has legit research backing this statement)

Where do we stand in the year?

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